Venue: University of London, Senate House, 
Malet Street, WC1E 7HU  [map and travel]

Dates: 2-3 November, 2015


Workshop Summary Description:

Sports and fitness have developed into activities that are rich in diverse and complex data types produced in high frequency and volume (e.g. a combination of data from multiple sensors, motion trackers, questionnaires, images, and videos), and in associated research questions on topics like Sports Health, Outcomes, Performance, Measurement and Planning. The challenges involved in identifying, capturing, combining and extracting topical knowledge from data of such variety, velocity, volume and veracity necessitate new methodological developments in Data Science, and provide a broad scope for applied and methodological research in scientific fields like Statistical Science, Machine Learning, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics and Cognitive Neuroscience. The proposed workshop is an academia-led response to those challenges and aims to scope for the Data Science framework with the potential to innovate on Sports and beyond. During the workshop:

  • Current scientific developments at the intersection of Data Science and Sports will be presented, and new applications and associated methodological challenges will be identified and discussed.
  • Subject-matter knowledge will be exchanged between domain and application experts across the multiple scientific disciplines contributing to Data Science and Sports Science.
  • Researchers from the cross-disciplinary scientific core of ATI and beyond will engage with researchers and key professionals from leading UK Sports organizations and from the Sports industry.